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Terms used in the rental conditions: "the company" refers to "Leasing Financial Liad"; "the client" is the physical person renting the vehicle from the company, "the vehicle" is the motor-vehicle which is rented by the client from the company.
1. Necessary documents: ID card, a valid driving license and a valid credit card. (Visa or Mastercard).
2. Driver age: at least 22 years old with a license for at least two years. In case the driver is younger than 22 years, an additional fee will be charged.
3. Guarantee deposit: between 350 and 500 EUR (depending on class) will be charged on delivery and returned upon the return of the vehicle in good condition, including all documents, accessories and equipment.
4. Penalties will be charged in one of the following cases: damage of any type, missing parts (including all accessories and vehicle equipment), the loss of vehicle documents (€ 200), the loss of vehicle keys (€ 300), missing fuel, extra Km, extra rental days or any other debt. The vehicle is insured with standard CASCO insurance. The maximum amount charged in case of damage is 350 EUR, unless additional insurance has been purchased in advance (and stated on the overleaf). In case of deliberate damage caused to the vehicle or any part of it (including all equipment and accessories) by any person during the rental period, which was not prevented by the client by taking reasonable actions or covered by CASCO insurance, the client will pay any amount necessary to bring the car back to the condition in which it was rented. The company may use the client's credit card and/or deposit to cover any of the above mentioned.
5. Payment: made in advance, in RON according to the EUR-RON exchange rate provided by BNR (The National Bank of Romania) on the day of rental. Credit card payments are accepted with a processing fee of up to 3%. In case of late payment, the client will be charged for exchange rate differences and late payment penalties.
6. Fuel is not included in the rental price. The vehicle will be returned at the end of the rental period with a full fuel tank. In case of missing fuel upon return of the vehicle, the client will pay the amount determined by the company according to the missing fuel.
7. The client may not perform any maintenance to the vehicle, including change or addition of oil, cooling fluid or any change of parts.
8. The delivery and return of the vehicle takes place at the time, date and location stated on the overleaf. In case the client wishes to change the date, time or place of return, he must contact the company and get an approval for the change. In case of early return, the client must contact the company at least 24 hours prior to the desired return time.
9. An announced delay in return of up to three hours will not be charged. A further delay will be charged as a full day of rent.
10. In case of an accident the client is obliged to take the following actions: A) notify the company immediately. B) Report to the police of the accident. C) Supply the company with the following documents: stamped police report ("proces verbal"), Repair Authorization ("autorizatie de reparatie"), a copy of the driving license of the person driving the involved vehicle and a copy of the insurance policy of the involved vehicle (in case of accident with another vehicle). The police report is mandatory in all cases: whether the client is responsible for damage or not. By signing the overleaf the client confirms that he is aware that a police report must be issued in any case of damage to the vehicle according to the Romanian law. In case the client will not present all of the above mentioned documents, he will pay any amount needed in order to cover any direct or indirect losses caused to the company due to the missing documents.
11. The client is not allowed to use the vehicle for any commercial use including the use as a taxi. The client must use the vehicle according to the traffic laws and the manufacturer instructions.